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Lifeline Express (LLE)
It was a simple dream. All it wanted was that people should not, through neglect or ignorance, become disabled or crippled, and thus robbed of health, productivity and joy, and that disabled persons especially in rural India should have access to medical services wherever they be.

On 16th of July, 1991, this dream came true, when Impact India's Lifeline Express, the world's first hospital on a train, was launched.

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Community Health Initiative (CHI)
This is an innovative, unprecedented and challenging opportunity to dramatically reduce or correct disabilities in a population of 1.5 million persons. Impact India believes that this is an exceptional and replicable project which conforms to all the priorities of the Indian Government and International Agencies

The CHI aims at the dramatic reduction in a number of disabilities affecting a population of approximately 1.5 million tribals through curative and preventive measures. Impact believes in creating replicable programmes, working with NGOs and mobilising the community.

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