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Tackling Post-COVID Malnutrition in Tribals of Mokhada – Appeal for HELP!

Dear Freiends,

Greetings from Impact India Foundation (IIF)!a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) -a charitable trust, working in India since 1983.

The second wave of the pandemic has spread from the cities to the rural areas wreaking havoc with an unimaginable intensity.

At a short distance of 160 kms from the financial capital, Mumbai, the district of Palghar, has an infectivity rate of 48%! Impact India Foundation (IIF) has been working with communities in this district since 2005. When the pandemic hit, IIF working closely with the Palghar Zilla Parishad, mounted an emergency response in the area to bring the prevalence of infection below the threshold levels. Through a 'Trace-Treat-Track' initiative using a specially designed mobile app that helps the 40 IIF Community field workers go house-to-house in the village hamlets for early identification of cases, advise on next steps of isolation and treatment and create awareness of COVID appropriate behavior such as wearing masks, maintain physical distancing, personal and environmental hygiene and the need for vaccination.

All this apart from equipping the health centres in the district with oxygen concentrators, humidifiers and cannulas, with funding from well-wishers.

But malnutrition is a rampant problem in the Mokhada Block of Palghar district, a predominantly tribal area, perhaps the most neglected region in Maharashtra where many households have lost their means of livelihood due to the lockdown and medical facilities are abysmal/scarce. While the Government of India is distributing 10 Kgs of Rice, 5 Kgs of wheat and 2 Kgs of sugar a month to each household, the diet is in dire need of supplementing with proteins and fats which are vital to prevent serious malnutrition and boost immunity to resist infection.

Using very clear-cut markers, our Community Health Officers (CHO), have identified at least 10,000 needy households out of the total of 16,889 in this block where the condition of malnutrition is very acute.

We need your urgent help to provide each of these families with the critical nutrition to cover especially the monsoon months till they get back to their livelihoods.

A donation of Rs. 1,000 will cover the needs of a family of 6 for a period of 4 months. With the help of kind wholesalers and your generosity, we will be able to reach 4 Kgs of Moong dal (pulses), 4 Litres of Edible Oil, 4 Kgs of Dried Fish, 2 Kgs of Jaggery, 4 Kgs of Groundnuts and Eggs for four months to these households.

We will be extremely grateful to you if you could just click the link below and make your generous donation.

This distribution will be monitored by our dedicated community health workers who have been working in this area since 2005 and have painstakingly gained the acceptance of the local community. So you can be rest assured that your care will reach the right people.

We are happy to provide photographs of the beneficiaries along with an 80G Receipt for your thoughtful donation.

Finally, we would be delighted if you could personally nudge your friends to donate, create a ripple effect around your generosity.

Thanking You,


Prof (Dr) Rohini V Chowgule, MD